"After several years of feeling emotionally edgy and not at peace in my own skin, I began the bio-identical hormone replacement therapy recommended by the Women's Midlife Program at Bellin Health's Center for Health and Healing. I kid you not, after just four to five days, I noticed a difference in my overall sense of calm and peace. I no longer had the knot in my stomach, the nerves on edge, the feeling of tears flowing at the slightest provocation. Since it's only been four weeks since beginning my therapy, not all of my symptoms are gone yet, but everything has lessened dramatically, and so quickly. I suspect that after a month or two, I will be a new person!"

A 51-year-old women
Green Bay, Wisconsin

"My hormones were out of balance and I was miserable - crying all the time, depressed and emotionally unstable. I saw Randi for a Midlife Health appointment, got my hormone levels tested, started bioidentical hormones at the right dose for me and WOW - do I feel better. I really am enjoying reading some of the great books that she suggested. And best of all … my husband says, "I have a new wife!"

Northeast Wisconsin