Hospital to You

We bring the Hospital to You

Some people absolutely need to be in the hospital with immediate access to additional services only available inside the walls of the hospital facility. Others simply need hospital-level attention, monitoring, and treatment.

A new program makes that hospital-level care available right in your own home.
Bellin Health Hospital to You provides at-home hospital services for eligible people with the following conditions:

  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Community-Acquired Pneumonia
  • Cellulitis
  • COVID-19
  • Other Conditions (as determined by the care team)

Bellin Health Hospital to You is an option, not a mandate. If you qualify, you still get to choose whether to take advantage of the Hospital to You opportunity based on your own health goals and comfort level.

Studies of at-home hospital programs report:

  • Higher Patient Satisfaction Scores
  • Decreased Hospital Readmissions and Emergency Room Visits
  • Decrease in Nursing Home Admissions
  • Outcomes Comparable or Better than in Hospital

Why receive hospital care at home?

While often necessary, hospitalization comes with its share of drawbacks, including potential exposure to other illnesses/germs, limited visiting for family and friends, finding care for pets, and being away from your normal comforts and routine.

Instead, Bellin Health Hospital to You offers some distinct benefits, such as:

  • Same Level of Care. Access to the exact same care and treatment offered at the hospital.
  • Better Rest/Sleep. Fewer distractions and interruptions enable better rest.
  • Reduced Risk of Infection. Limit possible exposure to infectious germs.
  • Visitors. Ability for family and friends to visit any time with more space to spread out.
  • Long-Term Independence. Opportunity for suggestions to make your home safer for long-term independent living.

What is included with Hospital to You?

In short, everything that would be included in a typical hospital stay is included with Hospital to You. The biggest difference is that some patients likely won’t need emergency access to additional services at the hospital facility. Therefore, you can safely receive comprehensive care at home, including:

  • Medications: delivered to your door and administered as needed.
  • Remote monitoring: small, portable equipment setup in your home to collect vital signs as ordered and allow your care team to conduct a video visit.
  • Visits: daily provider visits in person or virtually. Registered nurse in-home visits twice daily and available 24/7.
  • In-Home Treatment & Consultation: doctors, specialists, nurses, aides, social workers, or therapists, as needed.
  • 24/7 Access: quick from the care team over the phone or in person within 30 minutes of the call.
  • Lab Work: blood draws and other samples for lab work taken in your home and transported to the lab for analysis.
  • Mobile Imaging Equipment: (X-ray, ultrasound, EKG, and Echocardiogram) brought into your home if needed.
  • Special Services: such as meals, will be arranged and delivered if desired (just like in the hospital).
  • Transportation: medical transportation provided to and from the hospital via medical van or ambulance.
  • Medical Equipment: equipment delivery and set up including items such as wheelchairs, walkers, and hospital beds.

Who can get Hospital to You?

This service is for eligible patients only. Criteria for eligibility includes:

  1. You require hospital treatment for Congestive Heart Failure, COPD, pneumonia, cellulitis, COVID-19, or other conditions (as determined by the care team).
  2. You are deemed stable enough to receive treatment and monitoring at home.
  3. Your home environment meets certain basic criteria to be safe for in-home care and visits.
  4. You are a Medicare patient living within the defined area of Bellin Hospital in Green Bay.
  5. Your treating physician has determined you to be a good candidate for Hospital to You.

For more information, contact: 920.445.7366