Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to help contracted companies’ employees and their family members manage personal or work-related problems. The Employee Assistance Program is completely confidential. Telephone calls and appointments are handled in a private and confidential manner. No information is shared with the employer, supervisor, or any other individual unless the employee or family member gives specific and written permission to do so, including the type of information and to whom it is to be sent.

EAP is there to help employees deal with a wide array of issues including alcohol, drugs, marital or family problems, grief/loss concerns, stress management, work-related problems, and emotional or interpersonal concerns.

Employees (and dependent family members of the employee) can access EAP by calling Bellin Psychiatric Center’s EAP Helpline at 920 433-7483 to schedule an appointment. Employees need to indicate during the phone call to schedule an appointment that it is an "EAP" appointment. At the first appointment, an assessment of the problem will be made and the counselor will develop a treatment plan toward resolving the problem.

For more information about how Bellin Health can help provide employee assistance services for your organization, call us at 920 433-3630.