Children (Ages 4 – 12)

We are unique in the fact that we accept patients at such a young age. Our specially trained child psychiatrists are experienced in dealing with the unique circumstances associated with young children. Our child hospitalists focus on the young patient’s stay, helping them to adapt to the different environment.

We help our young patients and families by teaching appropriate limit setting and social behaviors. We make it a point to get the families and schools involved in the care process as well.

At Bellin, we know having such a young child in a hospital setting can raise a lot of questions. Below are some questions that we believe can address many of your concerns and questions.

FAQ's for Parents


Q: Can I stay overnight at the hospital with my child?

A: Due to our short length of stay and the intensity of programming, we do not allow parents to stay overnight at the hospital with their child. There are specific visiting times for parents that include time with your child, education time, and family therapy. If parents are coming from a long distance, special visiting arrangements can be made. Parents are welcome to stay in local motels, and receive a discounted, "medical" rate.

Click below for a  list of hotels that provide medical discounts for families of Bellin Health families:

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Q: When/how often can I visit my child?

A: Parent visiting hours are:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 11 am-noon (Parents only)
  • Saturday and Sunday 1 pm-4 pm (May include family or siblings)

Special visiting times can be arranged for parents who must travel a long distance to visit. We also have additional family therapy meetings, generally, 1-2 times per stay for one hour.

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Q: When can I call my child on the telephone?

A: Since the children are in programming most of the day, the times when they can be called are:

  • 11 am-11:45 am Monday-Friday
  • 8 pm-8:45 pm daily
  • 1-5 pm Saturday and Sunday

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Q: When & how often can I talk to the doctor directly?

A: The doctor (psychiatrist) does the initial admission for your child, manages any medications, and helps establish the treatment plan. The staff of nurses and counselors carries out the treatment plan.

The staff has the most information about how your child is doing. The psychiatrist sees your child for approximately 15 minutes each day to monitor medications, check on progress, and update the treatment plan.

The psychiatrists also work in their clinics, so they are not on the unit all day long. They will try to call you, and they are sometimes available for meetings.

The staff is available 24 hours/day, 7 days /week for questions and to give you reports on how your child is doing.

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Q: What is expected of me? Will I get any information or parenting guidelines?

A: Yes, you will be given lots of helpful information. Parent nights are Tuesday and Thursday 6-8 pm.

Parents or primary care givers are REQUIRED to attend. This is a time of education as well as time to be with your child. If these times are difficult for you to attend, please talk to the staff as soon as possible.

On weekends, parents are required to come and participate during the day. Siblings are also encouraged to visit for one hour on Saturday and Sunday, between 1- 4 pm. We appreciate parents making daily contact with staff by telephone (anytime) to check on your child’s progress. Our professional staff will also call you to report any changes in medication or behavior.

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Q: What items should my child bring?

A: We encourage children to bring a favorite stuffed animal, comforter or blanket, and pillow if they want to, as this makes them feel more at ease.

You should also bring along:

  • A one week supply of clothing
  • Toilet articles (toothbrush, comb, toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant, if needed)
  • Towels and shower soap are provided.

DO NOT bring these items:

  • Electronic or battery operated equipment
  • Gum
  • Candy
  • Soda
  • Money
  • Any glass items
  • Any clothing which depicts violence, drugs or alcohol, etc
  • Jewelry
  • Makeup
  • Anything of value

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Q: Will I be notified more than one day in advance of discharge?

A: Our length of stay is short, and often times the psychiatrist decides the patient is ready to leave on the day of discharge, or only the day prior to discharge. Once a patient is stable, he or she is prepared for discharge to an appropriate follow-up program.

Inpatient care is considered necessary if the patient is of immediate danger to him/herself or others, or is unstable behaviorally or medically. Once the patient is stabilized, the next level, or least restrictive level of care, is arranged.

Aftercare, or follow up, appointments should be in place upon discharge. We will assist you in making the appointment.

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Q: Will my child be given medication, or continue medication given at home?

A: Your child's doctor may prescribe and give the staff orders regarding medication. You will be called to provide permission for new medications or any change in medication. Medication will be ordered from the hospital's pharmacy. There are certain medications, such as vitamins or inhalers that can be given from "patient's own supply."

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For more information, call 920 433-7570 or email [email protected].