Other Services

Addiction Services
Our goal is to encourage and facilitate recovery from the devastating effects of chemical dependency. Bellin Health Psychiatric Center’s Addiction Services program is certified by the State of Wisconsin, Department of Health Services. Services are available for adults (age 18 and older).

Most people still believe in an old myth/ stereotype of what an alcoholic and/or drug addict is. By offering education, we help patients understand the disease concept. We educate patients on stress management, lifestyle issues, denial/defenses, grief, feelings, relapse prevention, and other pertitent topics.

Self-Help Groups
At Bellin Health Psychiatric Center, we believe in the 12-Step Recovery Program. In order to make needed lifestyle changes, we feel it is vital to find a support network of others who are working a recovery program. For this reason, we encourage everyone in treatment to attend at least one recovery meeting weekly.

Family Involvement
We believe addictions affect a person’s entire support network. We are committed to involving family members in the recovery process. Family/significant others are encouraged to be involved in our education sessions. Individual family sessions may be scheduled with the patient’s therapist. We are advocates of Al-Anon and Al-Ateen.

Group Therapy
Group therapy allows our patients the security of knowing they are not alone. They offer each other feedback, share experiences, strength, and hope.

Individual Sessions
During treatment, each patient will see his or her therapist for individual sessions. These sessions allow patients to discuss personal issues which they are not able to bring into group, to evaluate progress, and discuss discharge planning.


Intensive Outpatient Program
For more serious levels of addiction, this program includes 54 hours of group therapy, individual therapy, and family involvement.

Aftercare/Continuing Care
This program is a transition from the Intensive Outpatient program. It offers support and relapse prevention for patients in early recovery. This program includes weekly group therapy, individual therapy, and family involvement.

Relapse Prevention
Focused on preventing relapse, this program is open to anyone previously treated for an addiction. This program includes weekly group therapy and individual therapy as needed.