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Neuroscience Care

Neuroscience Care

Our Neuroscience care team includes medical specialists from multiple different fields of medicine including Neurology, Neurosurgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pain Management.

Your body is complex. When you have a problem in one part of your body, it effects all of you. Our team of providers recognizes the frustrations that fragmented care can bring, which is why we treat our patients with multidisciplinary care that is aimed at treating all of you. You have a team of experts working together to provide you with the comprehensive care you deserve - care from every perspective.

We are YOUR advocates, we are YOUR team.

Our trained specialists diagnose and treat the most complex parts of the human body (the brain, spine, and muscles) and provide expert pain management care. This is their passion. As a result, patients can expect:

  • Better outcomes
  • The highest standard of care
  • Cutting edge treatments and technology
  • An enhanced experience based on compassion and convenience
  • An integrated system of care that relies on collaboration between providers

When you have a medical problem, you deserve a team that has everything you need. We diagnose and treat the problem, help manage the pain and work hard to get you back to normal function.

From preventive programs to pain management to nationally recognized stroke care to neurosurgery and rehabilitation, we’re here to help you shine.

Neuroscience Care

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic

Our clinic aims to enhance and restore your quality of life to get you back to your daily living.

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Neuroscience Care

Bellin Health Neurology

It is our goal to provide care to patients with neurologic problems in as comprehensive a manner as possible.

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