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Different kinds of pain require different kinds of treatment. For the physical and mental needs related to pain management, each member of The Neuro TEAM has one goal: To help you return to the quality of life you want. To help you return to normal.

Read below to learn the types of specialists who make up The Neuro TEAM.

Pain Management Specialist: These specialists design a plan of care based on the kind of pain you’re facing, your needs, goals, and pain tolerance. A pain management specialist also organizes any nursing care, injections, physical therapy, medications, and counseling involved in your case.

List of Bellin Health’s Pain Management Specialists

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician: This physician is specially trained to help you improve your self-care skills and strength for day-to-day activities.

List of Bellin Health’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians

Neurologist: If you or a loved one suffers from a brain or nervous system disorder, a neurologist can provide specialized care. Your treatment will likely involve tests to rate your motor strength, reflexes, balance, and other brain or nervous system functions.

List of Bellin Health’s Neurologists

Neurosurgeon: For patients who live with pain or functional problems affecting the brain or spine, a neurosurgeon can perform surgery to reduce or heal the condition. Surgery may also help to prevent a brain or spinal disorder from happening.

List of Bellin Health’s Neurosurgeons

Psychologist: Part of a psychologist’s work may include finding and treating mental health issues that impact a patient’s pain condition. A psychologist may also lead research or teach about this field.

List of Bellin Health’s Psychologists

Neuropsychologists: Mental health specialists help patients to gain greater coping skills for a variety of life issues. Counseling may take place in a one-to-one (mental health professional and patient), family, or small group setting. The goal is to strengthen a person’s control and management of pain.

List of Bellin Health's Neuropsychologists

Case Manager: For some patients, gaining access to financial, social, and support services may be part of a plan of care. Case managers measure a patient’s needs, gather resources to address pain management or mental health issues, and review a patient’s progress.