Inpatient Rehab Access

The Inpatient Rehab team and physicians will review each case to determine if inpatient rehabilitation is the best course of treatment.

Minimum requirements for patients entering Bellin Health’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit include:

  • Medical stability
  • 18 years or older (adult-only facility)
  • Sufficient mental alertness
  • Ability to participate in therapy programs
  • Significant improvement expected within reasonable amount of time
  • Evidence of potential functional gain from intensive therapy

Inpatient Rehab Referral

Bellin Health’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit accepts referrals from any hospital, medical practice, nursing home or home health agency. If you have an issue that may require rehabilitation, talk with your primary care physician or specialist to receive a referral to our program. You may also initiate a self-review of your case by contacting:

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