Pain Management

You’re accustomed to living your life at a certain speed. Until pain changes that. Suddenly that pain becomes the unwanted focus of your life. So you look for doctors who will treat you with understanding while helping you toward a pain-free outcome.

Suffering from chronic pain creates its own unique set of questions and concerns. So it’s reassuring to know that our Pain Management Specialists at Bellin Health are devoted to addressing and offering answers for the lasting discomfort you face.

A critical element of your care is the coordination of your primary care physician with our pain management specialists. This begins early in your treatment process and continues throughout. As a patient, you’ll benefit from this close interaction because it improves communication and reduces your concerns. By basing our specialists together, they share resources, technology, and office space. For you this means easier access, shorter wait times, and may result in fewer follow-up visits.

Some members of the team perform surgeries, and others coordinate your care at every step by gathering financial, social, and support services as needed. Together, the team’s goal is to guide you back toward your normal, active life.

That's how the our Pain Management Team operates: More efficient and compassionate care that helps us live our mission by devoting every part of the healthcare process to your needs. Simply put, that’s good medicine.

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From pain management to behavioral health and more, below you’ll find every service that makes up the coordinated care of our Bellin Health pain management team. The specialists who make up The Neuro Team work closely with your primary care physician to provide quick access, shorter wait times, and the best possible treatment for your neurological needs.