Joints for Life

Joints for Life is a complimentary program for people having total hip or knee joint replacement. The goals of the program are to prepare you both physically and mentally for surgery and help you return to your normal activity level after surgery. Participants in the program include you and your coach. Your coach is someone you trust and rely on, such as a relative or close friend. Your coach remains with you throughout the entire Joints for Life program to give you support and encouragement.

Program Components:


  • Nutritional Assessment Survey: Designed to help you develop a healthy eating plan before surgery. Good nutrition prior to surgery is important for healing after surgery.
  • Educational Class: Designed to answer any questions you or your coach may have regarding total joint replacement. This class meets one time, approximately three weeks prior to surgery. It is for you and your coach, but other family members are welcome. The class is taught by an orthopedic nurse and occupational therapist. Valuable information about nutrition, your hospital stay and the recovery period is discussed. A pre-operative exercise program for upper and lower body strengthening is also taught.

Hospital Stay

  • Your hospital stay includes the joint replacement surgery and individualized therapies after surgery to assist in your recovery and support your transition to home.


  • Within a few days after your discharge home, you will receive a phone call from an orthopedic nurse. This call is to see how you are feeling and if you have any questions or concerns. If you do have any questions or concerns prior to that time, you can call (920) 445-7373 to talk with a registered nurse 24 hours a day. 

For more information regarding Joints for Life call (920) 433-7984.

The Joints for Life program is for everyone having total hip or knee joint replacement surgery. Registration in the program is taken care of by Bellin's PrePARE department at the same time you register for surgery.