Tobacco Cessation

Tired of being controlled  by your Tobacco addiction? There is help. Quit today!


  • Put it on paper- Consider what you don’t like about tobacco and why you want to quit. Carry the list with you and review each time you have the urge.
  • Recruit support - Tell your family, friends, and co-workers that you plan to quit using tobacco. Use telephone support at Wisconsin Tobacco QuitLine at 800-Quit-Now (800-784-8669).
  • See a specialist - Participate in a treatment program.
  • Avoid tobacco triggers - Recognize places and situations that make you want to smoke and avoid them.
  • Try a stop-tobacco product - Plenty of stop-tobaccog products and medications with FDA approval are available, such as over-the-counter nicotine replacements or prescription medications.
  • Manage your stress - Practice relaxation exercises, such as physical activity, deep breathing, or meditation. Stretch or simply listen to your favorite music.
  • Take it one day at a time - Focus on what you can do today to quit tobacco. Every hour without a cigarette can bring you one step closer to quitting for good – and freedom from an unhealthy, expensive habit.
  • Celebrate your successes - Made it through the day without tobacco? Reward yourself for not smoking by doing something you enjoy. All of your small successes can help you reach your goal to quit tobacco for good.


Wisconsin or Michigan Tobacco QuitLine
Free counseling by phone and free nicotine patches for a starter dose.
(800) 784-8669

American Lung Association Lung HelpLine
(800) 586-4872
Free unlimited services and translators

Freedom From Smoking®
Online course available 24/7

Nicotine Free Support Group