Bellin Health has been serving the community of Green Bay since 1907 when Julius Bellin first converted a small house into what would one day become the Bellin Health System. Committed to providing safe, reliable, cost-effective total health solutions that treat each patient as an individual with respect and with compassion, this vision is still the cornerstone for what Bellin is and what it continues to be.

It was that same philosophy that in 2005 brought robotic assisted surgery to Bellin Health, making it one of the first in the world to be able to offer the ground-breaking technology. The da Vinci robotic surgery system, in the hands of an experienced surgeon, is considered by many the preferred treatment for surgeries ranging from partial nephrectomies to treat kidney cancer, to hysterectomies, many pelvic-floor surgeries, certain thoracic surgeries, hernia repair and much more.

Our surgeons specializing in Robotic-Assisted Surgery have been mastering the art of robotic assisted surgery since 2005, making Bellin the easiest choice, the safest choice, and the most cost effective choice for your surgical needs. At Bellin, whether robotic assisted, laparoscopic, or traditional, our hands are here for your health.