Concussion Management

Our concussion center includes a team of medical experts who have extensive experience in the management of concussions. This team consists of a sports medicine fellowship trained physician, Neuropsychologists, Neurology, Pediatrics, Emergency Room Physicians, and Physical therapy experts all specializing in the management of concussions. In addition our 31 Licensed Athletic Trainers in the field cover many of your child's games. Our approach to the treatment of all concussions is based on current research and best clinical practice and evaluation to the latest guidelines established by the leading experts in the country. We hope to have the opportunity to treat your son or daughter before the injury occurs with baseline testing using ImPACT and if needed the care from day of injury to the day of release back to a sport.

Our facility features:

  • State of the art concussion testing and treatment
  • Baseline and post-injury neurocognitive testing and treatment for students 12 and above as well as adults who may have suffered an on the job injury (ImPACT Testing)
  • Baseline and post injury vestibular and balance testing and treatment using the BESS Test
  • Referrals within the Bellin Health system for neurology, neurosurgery, neuropsych and Physical Therapy along with medical imaging if indicated

ImPACT  Testing

Neurocognitive testing is done using the ImPACT (Immediate Post concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) tool as well as traditional individualized pediatric and adult neurocognitive and neuropsychiatric testing. ImPACT is the benchmark testing tool used to assess a patient's neurocognitive function (normal brain activity). This tool allows the physician to objectively measure neurocognitive function. It is considered the standard of care for the NFL, NHL, MLB and most NCAA Institutions. ImPACT testing evaluates the following neurocognitive functions:

  • Brain processing speed
  • Memory
  • Reaction time
  • Visual motor skills

ImPACT testing is most effective when performed at baseline (prior to a concussion at the beginning of an athletes career) allowing for comparison of an athletes test following a concussion. This is a tool that can assist our team of experts in managing the care of each concussion and return to play. Dr. James Ebben, the Medical Director of the Bellin Health Sports Medicine, is one of the few Certified ImPACT consultants in the state of Wisconsin and is one of two Independent Neurocognitive Experts working the sideline during game day for the Green Bay Packers.

Concussion Management Team

Dr. James Ebben, Credentialed ImPACT Consultant (CIC)

Bellin Health Titletown Sports Medicine and Orthopedics
Dr. James Ebben - 920-430-4888

Iron Mountain
Dr. Ellen VanLaanen and Andrew Poulos - 906-776-9040