Our Team

Licensed Athletic Trainers  

Our team of Licensed Athletic Trainers (LAT) can be found on the sidelines, on the bench, in the dugout, or in the athletic training room of your high school providing quality sports medicine care for your son/daughter.

Athletic Trainers in the Clinical Setting

Our athletic trainers in the clinical setting assist medical providers to help move patients through the appointment, evaluation and treatment process. Serving in this capacity, patients are able to receive specialized care to help facilitate the road to recovery.

Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Program Goal: To enhance the Bellin Health Sports Medicine service line provided to our contracted school districts by providing exceptional strength & conditioning programs aimed at enhancing the athletic performance of the youth we serve, reducing their number of injuries, and providing a safe, effective, and  positive environment for them to grow in their understanding of physical performance. Our goal is to create a culture where athletes understand how to “train” safely and effectively. Participants will not simply become better at lifting weights or performing training drills, they will become better athletes.

Program Philosophy: Create an environment in which every athlete, regardless of sport or gender, feels comfortable, confident, and welcome while being provided the opportunity to work toward reaching their full athletic potential. Through the implementation of scientifically proven training techniques, athletes will be instructed on proper strength & conditioning training techniques and educated on how to train as an athlete. This will foster their personal growth and safety in the facility, as well as intangible benefits. These intangible benefits include enhanced self-confidence and morale, a sense of inclusion and teamwork, and the development of leadership qualities.