What are the Values?

The Values of a Bellin Champion
Bellin Health’s core values are the foundation of our organization. In recognizing the champions who display these values at our partner schools, we hope to continue to foster the amazingly positive experiences that exist within high school athletics.

We will be honoring Bellin Champions who best represent one or more of the values listed below in not only athletics, but also in the classroom and in the community.


  1. Demonstrates the work ethic required to accomplish his or her goals
  2. Listens and is open to different ideas
  3. Willingness to learn new skills 
  4. Adapts to adversity (injury or personal hardship)
  5. GPA of 3.3 or higher
  6. Advanced Placement courses (please list)
  7. Non-athletic extracurricular club involvement (please list)

Improvement (personal, athletics, classroom and community)

  1. Engages in problem solving
  2. Takes advantage of opportunities for growth
  3. Has shown measurable growth as an athlete or person
  4. Manages and supports change
  5. Promotes a culture of personal accountability and excellence
  6. Encourages others to improve through his or her positive impact


  1. Positive role model
  2. Always polite, kind and respectful to all
  3. Helps others to maximize productivity and success
  4. Listens and is open to different ideas
  5. Displays a positive attitude
  6. Acts with integrity and honesty
  7. Accountable for actions and responsibilities
  8. Encourages and participates in the growth of others
  9. Strives and commits to achieve personal excellence


  1. Demonstrates a consistent commitment to his or her community
  2. Sets an example of “Servant Leadership”
  3. Is able to see things through the eyes of others
  4. Shares his or her personal gifts and talents with others (Church, School, Volunteer)
  5. Serves others; on the team, on the field, in the school, in his or her family and in the community
  6. Over 25 hours of community service


  1. Values others’ success as much as one’s own
  2. Commits to the success of the team
  3. Achieves goals through dedication and commitment
  4. Willing to sacrifice his or her desires to help the team succeed when needed
  5. Demonstrates respect and commitment to team members