Oncology Patient Navigator

Ask cancer survivors about their experiences and you will often hear that the process of getting good information to make decisions is overwhelming and oftentimes difficult. This can heighten fears and lead to unnecessary anxiety. And many will tell you that being a cancer patient in a system that is not geared to meet the emotional needs of patients and family members can be frustrating.

That’s why The Cancer Team will assign you a Oncology Patient Navigator to help guide you through the entire process from diagnosis to survivorship. Your Oncology Patient Navigator will be your advocate and the person who will make sure you get the information you want and need. They’ll work with the team to map out your personal treatment plan and support care; they’ll help coordinate and communicate at every turn.

Services Provided By Your Navigator Include:

  • Scheduling and coordinating appointments to prevent needless waiting and decrease the number of visits you may need.
  • Making sure lab work, x-rays and scans are completed so that results are available to your medical provider prior to your visit.
  • Helping you find answers to questions and concerns and assist with medical and community resources.
  • Act as a liaison between you and other team members.
  • Providing education and information.
  • Helping you with aftercare planning.
  • Arranging second opinion services at The Cancer Team.
  • Being your advocate and customizing services to meet your needs.

How Can an Oncology Patient Navigator Help You?

Understanding. Your coach is there to remove the pressure of trying to absorb too much information too fast. You’ve got the peace of mind in knowing that your coach will explain things in terms you can understand and take as much time with you as you need.

Control. Cancer takes away feelings of control. Taking action and feeling good about the decisions you’re making helps
restore that.

Navigation. Cancer treatment can involve many resources and lots of coordination. Your coach will help you know what to do, when to do it and assist you every step of the way.

Objectivity. Cancer patients are frequently bombarded with opinions and stories and advice from well-meaning friends and family who sometimes just add to the confusion and despair. Your Oncology Patient Navigator is there to help you make decisions based on information and your desires. This focus can be a great source of comfort.