Head and Neck Cancer

There are many types of cancer that can be referred to as head and neck cancer including cancers of the lip, mouth, sinuses and throat. Head and neck cancers often spread to the lymph nodes of the neck, and a lump or discomfort in surrounding areas is often the first noticeable warning sign. Head and neck cancer is highly curable if detected early.

Head and Neck Cancer Treatment Options

Surgery is a common part of the treatment plan for cancers that occur in the head and neck area. However, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are also used in many situations. The Cancer Team at Bellin Health is experienced in plans that require one or all types of cancer treatment. And you can take comfort in knowing that physicians who specialize in each treatment area will work together to map out the components of a plan that is best for you.

In addition to conventional cancer treatments, The Cancer Team includes physicians and clinicians who specialize in integrative, or complementary medicine, which uses additional therapies so that every aspect of the healing process is addressed. This includes therapies and support to enhance your emotional and spiritual well being, nutrition planning, pain and discomfort management and more.

As always, your Cancer Coach will assist you in understanding the resources that are available to you and help you coordinate every aspect of your treatment plan. 

Palliative Care/Pain Management

The Cancer Team includes physicians who specialize in helping you manage through your pain, stay strong in mind and body, and keep yourself as healthy as possible so that you can fight your best fight.

Your Team

Depending on many factors including the type of head and neck cancer you have, the stage of your cancer (meaning how developed the cancer is), and the assessment of your individual needs as a head and neck cancer patient, your cancer team could consist of many different experts. Rest assured that every member of your team will work together to give you comprehensive, patient-focused, supportive head and neck cancer treatment.

  • Surgeon
  • Radiation Oncologist
  • Medical Oncologist
  • Integrative Medicine physician
  • Palliative Care physician (pain management)
  • Cancer Coach
  • Cancer Nurse Practitioner
  • Specially trained technologists
  • A highly skilled staff, focused on you