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The Heart Team

The Heart & Vascular Team

At Bellin, our Heart and Vascular Team has more than 50 years experience in all facets of cardiac care, making us the most experienced program in the region. Our entire staff is dedicated to achieving outstanding clinical performance through continuous devotion to quality patient care.

Providing superior heart care, means providing care for our patients across the whole continuum. Bellin Health works closely with Emergency Medical Services to provide the fastest care possible for someone having a heart attack. The average time it takes for the Bellin heart attack team to unblock the artery of a patient having a heart attack is only 49 minutes. Other hospitals around the country struggle to achieve the standard "door to balloon (open vessel) time" of 90 minutes.

When it comes to heart care, there’s one team with knowledge that comes from experience. And that’s heart care of a higher degree. 

Welcome to The Heart and Vascular Team. Welcome to Bellin Health.