Returning Patients

Our goal is to see you on time and to have you finished by 30 minutes after your appointment scheduled time. However, please understand that to give every patient the individual attention that he or she requires, there are times when unexpected problems require additional attention and put us behind schedule.

Our practice philosophy demands that we give full attention to every patient and especially to unanticipated acute cardiac problems. There may be rare times when your cardiologist is called away to an emergency and we need to reschedule your appointment. If you have time pressures for other commitments, please inform our staff so that we can attempt to rearrange our schedule. We will attempt to best accommodate all of our patients in an efficient and friendly manner. 

You can help us be more efficient by preparing for your visit before you come to our office:

  • Have your most current medical insurance information, necessary referrals, and a photo ID. An assistant will need to verify all your information at each visit.
  • We need an accurate and current list of all your medications, or bring all your current medication bottles with you. It is important to note any new or discontinued medications at the time of your visit.
  • Gather information you may have regarding any hospitalizations, procedures, tests, pertinent lab work or new diagnoses or illnesses since your last visit. If you do not have this information, please call our office before your appointment so that an assistant can help you gather the information. A release form may need to be signed and faxed/mailed to us.
  • Organize your medical problems and inform the medical assistant and the doctor of any new or recurrent symptoms at the time of your visit.
  • Wear loose, comfortable, and easily removable clothing at your visit.

Medical Records - Patient Confidentiality

Your medical record is confidential.  It is a legal document and Bellin Health will not release any information without your written consent. We will only share this information with any professional that you feel is appropriate.  To request a copy of your medical records, please complete our release of information form and bring in to our office, mail or fax to us at (920) 433-3716.  Please provide us with a 3-4 day advance notice if you want copies of your records.

Prescription Policies

We use an electronic medical record that allows electronic prescriptions (E-prescriptions) that are instantly sent to your pharmacy.  If you need a prescription renewal, please contact our office well in advance of running out of your medication.  This gives us ample time to review your medical record to determine if a prescription is warranted.  In some cases, we may ask that you schedule an examination prior to ordering a refill or an additional medication.  We generally do not renew or prescribe medications after hours or on weekends, when our on-call physician may not have direct access to your medical record, so please call during business hours.