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Bellin tries to promote a heart-healthy lifestyle in the communities we serve. We help thousands of people each year to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, stop smoking, start exercising and lose weight.

Find more details below on the events and screenings available at Bellin Health:

For more information, schedules and registration about any of the above, call the Heart and Vascular Care Line at (920) 445-7363.

Heart Calcium Scoring

Heart disease continues to be the number one killer of both men and women—a shameful statistic because, when found early, heart disease can be treated and oftentimes reversed.

Heart Calcium Scoring is a screening test that can help reveal heart disease in its early stages, even years before you have a symptom. The test is fast, pain free and safe. There are no needles or dyes. It’s similar in many ways to receiving an x-ray. Yet the results can help save your life. Unlike other CT tests, our Heart Calcium Scoring even includes an assessment of disease in your lungs.

Don’t wait for symptoms.
Why is heart disease called the silent killer? Because in its early stages, when it’s the most treatable, heart disease oftentimes produces no symptoms. And that means many people, despite having risk factors for heart disease, wait until they are in serious danger before taking action.

So, when should you have a Heart Calcium Scoring test?

  • If you are a man over 30 or a woman over 40
  • If you have a family history of heart disease
  • If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • If you have diabetes
  • If you smoke, get little exercise or are overweight

The Heart Calcium Scoring test usually takes less than an hour of your time. The procedure itself takes about 15 minutes in most cases. These tests are scheduled daily at the Bellin Health Hospital Center (744 S. Webster Ave., Green Bay, WI 54305) and Bellin Health Oconto Hospital (820 Arbutus Avenue, Oconto, WI 54153). The cost is $50. For more information or to set up an appointment for a Calcium Scoring screening, please call (920) 445-7363 or (888) 758-7373.

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Ameriheart Tours

The Ameriheart is an 21 x 17 foot, anatomically correct, walkthrough heart. Bellin Health takes this heart to various locations throughout the year. For young and old, and everyone in between. Enjoy the Ameriheart at health fairs, schools, the Bellin Run, and the annual Heart Walk. Learn about the anatomy of the heart, common problems and diseases, how they are treated and how to take good care of your heart on your Ameriheart tour.

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