Meet The Valve Center Team

The Bellin Valve center is the only team in Northeast Wisconsin to perform TAVR.

The Valve Center is part of Bellin Health’s comprehensive Heart & Vascular Team. This team continues to be recognized in all areas of heart care for its ability to produce some of the best outcomes in the country. In addition to providing many successful TAVR outcomes, our cardiothoracic surgeons have pioneered many minimally invasive surgical techniques for valve repair or replacement.

What does "multidisciplinary" mean?

The strength of The Valve Center lies in its multidisciplinary approach to heart care. Multidisciplinary means you will have access to every medical specialty you will need in the care of your heart valve problem. Rather than sending you to multiple appointments at the offices of several different physicians, The Valve Center brings all the physicians you need to one location. The result is you will personally speak to a cardiologist and cardiac surgeon, and any other team member, from one location and during one visit. You just show up, and we will do the rest.

The Valve Center Team:

For more information on the Valve Center, please contact Amy Chilson, RN or Evie Karcz, LPN at 920-617-2071.