Physical Therapy Residency and Certification

Bellin Health offers orthopedic and sports residencies as well as geriatric and women’s health certifications. Programs range from 12-18 months in duration and prep the therapist to pass specialty certification examination (OCS, SCS, GCS, WCS), become leaders in the profession, and provide the most up to date evidence based care to patients. Our residency and certification programs partner with Evidence in Motion for the didactic portion of the program, while one on one mentoring will be performed onsite at our Bellin locations.


To provide a structured orthopedic, sports, geriatric and pelvic health physical therapy residency emphasizing the development, utilization and implementation of sound clinical reasoning and evidence based medicine into clinical practice. This will occur through a network partnership with Evidence in Motion following EIM’s didactic and clinical residency curricula. Hands-on and clinical guidance will be provided at Bellin Health by experienced board certified OCS, SCS, GCS and Fellowship trained mentors. The end goal will be to develop novice, entry level DPT physical therapists into an independent, proficient, and skilled doctor of physical therapy.

Who should apply

Those who…

  • See physical therapy as their career, wanting to improve and progress
  • Strong desire to work in outpatient physical therapy treating neuro-musculoskeletal or sports conditions utilizing manual therapy
  • Feel evidence based practice is crucial to patient care and practice
  • Value mentorship; learning from others with more experience and knowledge
  • Value our professional organizations; APTA & WPTA
  • Internally motivated and dedicated
  • Desire to succeed and constantly improve
  • Has long term goals
  • Wants to be more than good, wants to be an “expert”
  • Strong work ethic
  • Confident
  • Humble and able to take feedback and critique
  • Values servant leadership, desire to give back to the profession
  • Those who value mentoring, research, professional association involvement
  • Selfless, empathetic, honest, trustworthy and caring

Meet the Team

Residency Outreach Coordinators

Katie Boehm
(920) 430-4750 ext. 264750
[email protected]



Zac Mestelle
(920) 430-4888 ext. 264888
[email protected]



Orthopedic Residency

Dan Krueger
(920) 430-4750 ext. 264423
[email protected]



Sports Residency

Sam Krier
(920) 430-4888 ext. 264496
[email protected]



Geriatric Certification
Nicole Buss
(920) 433-7822
[email protected]

Pelvic Health Certification

Allison Krueger
(920) 433-3444 ext. 205280
[email protected]



Applications will be sent out October of each year with interviews held mid-November. Applications will be sent to physical therapy schools to be distributed to students as well as directly sent to any therapist or physical therapy student who has requested an application personally.

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