Hand Therapy

Bellin Health's Hand Therapy Team provides unsurpassed care for injuries and conditions affecting your elbow, wrist and hand.  Our team of occupational therapists use a systematic approach to evaluate and deliver treatment, combining your personal goals with evidence-based medicine to construct the best plan of care.  We specialize in conservative as well as postoperative treatment plans that are directed by your physician and tailored to your needs. 

We are experts in the rehabilitation of any condition involving the elbow, wrist and hand, including, but not limited to, epicondylosis, sprains, strains, fractures, amputations, tendon repairs/transfers, arthritis and cumulative trauma disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, and trigger finger. 

We also educate you on your condition, the anatomy involved, and information that is vital to your recovery. This includes activity modification, joint protection and splint fabrication.  These will help to support your healing, prevent your symptoms from returning and to maximize your independence. 

We will make sure you feel comfortable with the most appropriate home exercise routine that supports your recovery so you can continue to get better, even after your therapy is complete.  Our goal is to efficiently help you return to living as independently as possible. We promise to provide you with the best care...hands down.