Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy at Bellin Health is a service that enables people of all ages to participate in everyday activities.  Occpational Therapists working at Bellin Health are nationally registered and Wisconsin state licensed Occupational Therapists. We will work with patients individually to help achieve their maximum functional potential.

We also have certified hand therapists, or CHTs, on our team who obtain advanced training in treating traumatic injuries of the upper extremity.  Your physician may request a CHT to be involved in your care based on the complexity of the injury and the structures involved.  We will work closely with your physician to ensure the highest quality of treatment from assessment of new injuries to delivery of post-operative care.

The occupational therapists at Bellin Health provide services for the following conditions/populations:

  • Post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation
  • Joint sprains and muscle strains of the upper extremity
  • Thumb and hand arthritis management
  • Chronic pain
  • Crush injuries
  • Fractures of the upper extremity
  • Work injuries
  • Sports injuries/Throwing injuries
  • Tendon repairs and transfers
  • Peripheral nerve compressions
  • Tendonitis
  • Neurologic injuries
  • Weakness and deconditioning
  • Wound and burn care
  • Newborns and children with disabilities

What can you expect from an Occupational Therapist?

Your occupational therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your physical and functional capabilities. The therapist will then collaborate with you to determine your goals for therapy and what outcome you would like to achieve.  Based upon your goals, your therapist will create a plan of care to target your needs using evidence based practices.  To reinforce your treatment in the clinic, your occupational therapist will establish a personalized home program for you to complete regularly.