Peripheral Neuropathy

Neuropathy of the extremities is often a painful and functionally limiting symptom of chronic disease states, particularly diabetes. The upper and lower extremities develop a loss of sensation and often pain. In the case of sensation loss, protective mechanisms are lost that increase the individuals risk for falling, risk for injury due to cuts and abrasions and ease of injury. Increased pain at night is a common complaint, interrupting both the quality and duration of ones sleep.

Monochromatic Near Infrared Light Therapy, delivered using an Anodyne light transducer, is a means of effectively treating the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. In mild to moderate cases it has been shown to be effective at both reducing pain as well as increasing sensation in the extremities within 12 treatment sessions. It is a painless comfortable treatment that along with balance reeducation can improve your functional level and reduce your risk of falling and injury.

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