Return to Sport

A comprehensive movement evaluation designed to assess an individual performing sport specific movements and readiness to return to their sport. Bellin Health Titletown Sports Medicine takes the guesswork out of assessing when you are ready to return to sport with the advanced technology in our Movement Performance Lab.  Using high speed video and computerized analysis, we are able to obtain precise feedback on full-speed movements to assess your readiness for return to sport.  The Return to Sport Assessment consists of 6 sport specific movements.  This is an evidenced based test that assists you with learning how to become more aware of the movements that are putting you are risk and assisting you with making the safest return to sport possible.

Each Return to Sport Assessment includes:

  • A one-hour comprehensive movement performance assessment using SIMI motion-capture software to evaluate sport specific movement mechanics.
  • Evaluation of strength and flexibility.
  • A take-home report with stop-animation images of your  key sport specific movements
  • Each assessment results in a numerical score, indicating your movement capabilities and overall readiness to return to sport.
  • Exercise instruction and personalized treatment recommendations.
  • Access to a team of sports medicine professionals including physical therapists, licensed athletic trainers and orthopedic surgeons.

Please call (920) 480-4890 for pricing, as health insurance coverage may apply and may vary.
Team and group rates are also available. Each assessment is 90 minutes.


Margaret Pelton, Athletic Trainer
"I came to Bellin’s Movement Lab last winter when I tore an ACL for the 3rd time and needed a revision surgery to repair it. I had previously torn both my right and left ACLs when I was in high school playing soccer. Bellin already had a top-notch post-operative ACL rehabilitation program, as I was a testament to, and this Movement Lab turned it up one more notch – an added bonus to my experience. As an athletic trainer, once I heard what the Movement Lab was all about, I was immediately excited to learn and understand more. The results of the program exceeded my expectations and exceeded my goals. I’m definitely in the best shape I ever have been in, and I have learned so many things to take forward with me as an athletic trainer when I work with my own athletes."

Jeff Michaud, Father of High School Football Player
"My son injured his knee in football and missed the first half of the season. He was diagnosed as having a partially torn ACL & MCL, but not bad enough to require surgery. He started practice for basketball his junior year, and the knee would swell up like a balloon. The staff that we work with is fantastic, they understand the athlete’s perspective on the situation.  They made us very comfortable with being there, answering all of our questions and explaining each phase as we went through it. He has made progress in correcting his deficiencies. You can see that on the film analysis at each visit. I tell people every chance I get about your program and what you have to offer athletes."