Wheelchair Evaluation

If you are in need of a powered scooter or powered wheelchair to improve your independence and mobility in the home, Medicare and other payers require a mobility evaluation. Mobility evaluations are performed by a trained Occupational or Physical Therapist at the Bellin Ashwaubenon, Bellevue, Marinette outpatient therapy locations.

The Mobility Evaluation takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes. The Therapist will measure your motion, strength, balance, ability to transfer and other factors that will help paint a picture of who you are and your abilities for performing daily activities, in order to recommend that most appropriate mobility device (e.g., cane, walker, manual wheelchair, powered scooter or powered wheelchair). The Therapist does not approve or issue any mobility equipment.

Medicare and other payers typically do not cover powered mobility devices for those who can safely walk in their home on a constant, daily basis, (even with a cane or walker). Powered devices primarily needed for outside activities (e.g., shopping, recreation, attending appointments, etc.), are typically not covered.  If you cannot safely walk on you own and cannot propel a manual wheelchair within your home, you will need to contact your doctor regarding written orders for a mobility evaluation.

It is recommended that you call a home medical vendor of your choice prior to scheduling a mobility evaluation to further discuss Medicare guidelines, equipment options and establish a relationship to facilitate the process.  Once you receive written orders from your doctor and have spoken with a home medical vendor, please call for an appointment today (920) 430-4564.