Spinal Care

Neck and back pain are one of the most common reasons that a patient will pursue medical care. Most neck and back pain can be treated successfully with appropriate conservative care. The Bellin Health Sports Medicines Spine Team consists of physical therapists with extensive training and interest in managing patients with spinal pain conditions.. Three of our team members are board Certified Clinical Specialists in Orthopedics and one is Fellowship trained in manual orthopedic physical therapy through the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. Whether you are experiencing a new onset of spine pain, continued pain over a long period of time, or are recovering from surgery, our team of Spine Specialists can develop a treatement strategy to help you have less pain and improve your function.

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What is Spinal Rehabilitation?

Physical therapy care for spine pain has been found to be effective when the treatment is matched to the patient's signs and symptoms. Interventions used by our diverse team of orthopedic manual therapists consists of spinal mobilization and manipulation to restore joint mobility and ease pain, soft tissue mobilization, motor control re-education, strength and flexibility assessment and treatment with exercise emphasiging core stabilization training, Feldenkrais "Awareness Through Movement" concents, and more. Care is provided on an individual basis and focuses on not only resolving your current conditon, but on improving your ability to successfully prevent further injury or to manage long standing chronic conditions more successfully.

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Who is Appropriate for Spine Therapy?

Over 80% of Americans will suffer from spine pain at some point in their lives, some of which will develop into chronic problems. The good news is most painful conditions of the spine can be treated successfully. Old or young, first time or repeat back injury or even after surgery to the spine we can offer you help. Often, people just don’t know what to do about their pain, how therapy can help and what they can expect in the way of recovery and future prognosis. By workign with our team of spinal specialists, you will receive care and education that answers these questions for you and empowers you to take an active role in resolving and managing your condition. Research has shown that manual therapy in combination with exercise is by far the most effective treatment for both acute and chronic spinal conditions. We take great pride in providing you the finest evidence-based care, basing your treatment upon what the most current evidence supports being the most effective treatment for your condition.

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The treatment you receive will vary depending on the condition you have. In most cases your care will emphasize restoring mobility to your entire system. That means improving mobility to the specific vertebral segments and joints in your spine, as well as those of your pelvis and extremities by often using joint mobilization and manipulation techniques. Restoring movement to all of these areas of your body will help you to return to your optiomal function.  In addition, you will be educated on your condition and taught what you need to do to feel better. That includes, for most people, starting routine aerobic exercise that is low impact in nature, improving your muscle and joint flexibility, and strengthening specific muscle groups that stabilize and facilitate optimal movement in your spine. For some people this will mean assertive strengthening programs. For others, programs focused on improving movement patterns and awareness will be more effective, utilizing our Certified Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Instructor. Our staff has the ability to tailor your personal program to your specific condition, needs and work demands. We also can help you with your chronic headache and TMJ conditions, which are often related to stresses we place on our spine.

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We have therapists available to work with you at our Bellin Health East and West side locations. Our West side location the Green Bay Health and Athletic Performance Center is just off of I-172 and Packerland in Ashwaubenon, and our Center for Spine Rehabilitation is in the Bellin Health Family Medical and Wellness Center - Bellevue.

Bellin Health Center for Spine Rehabiliation - Ashwaubenon
1640 Commanche Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54313
920 430-4750

Bellin Health Center For Spine Rehabilitation - Bellevue
3263 Eaton Road\

Green Bay, WI 54311
920 433-6700

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