Aquablation Therapy Treatment

Aquablation therapy is a unique, next-generation BPH (enlarged prostate) treatment. At Bellin Health, we are proud to be among the first in Northeast Wisconsin to offer this advanced, minimally-invasive treatment.

Every prostate is unique in size and shape. Aquablation therapy is customized based on your specific prostate structure. Aquablation therapy offers a surgical solution to BPH like no other.

Through the use of a camera, an ultrasound and a heat-free saline solution that ablates the tissues on contact, the Aquablation procedure can remove the enlarged section of the prostate that’s causing symptoms.

During the procedure, a light pen is used to highlight the tissue to be removed. The tissue is then hit with the pressurized water, which is extracted through the bladder. The procedure is done while the patient is under anesthesia. The surgery itself typically takes less than an hour and can sometimes return the patient home on the same day.

Patient Benefits Include:

  • Quicker recovery
  • Less bleeding
  • Low rates of complications
  • Home same day in many cases

Three Keys to Aquablation Therapy:

  • Clarity: Complete visibility of the entire prostate area allows for intraoperative surgical planning and anatomical preservation.
  • Consistency: Predictable clinical excellence across prostates of all shapes and sizes. The precision of robotics allows for precise accuracy.
  • Control: Low risk of irreversible heat-based complications.

To learn more, please contact your Bellin Health primary care provider or Bellin Health On-Call at (920) 445-7373.