Volunteer Info: ages 16-17

Thank you for your interest in our Volunteer program. Volunteering in a hospital is a very rewarding experience. In addition to the satisfaction you receive from helping others, you may also gain insights into the medical field as a possible profession. Not all Volunteer assignments involve direct contact with the patients, yet each and every assignment is important to the everyday tasks that need to be accomplished.

To be a Volunteer you must:

  1. Be 16 years old.
  2. Complete the application and have one of your parents sign the parental permission form.
  3. Have the personal reference form completed, one by a teacher, counselor, or clergy person, and the other reference must be over 18 years old and not a member of your immediate family. If you are applying during the summer, the reference could be someone you work for or someone who has known you for awhile.
  4. Complete all required orientation information.
  5. Accept your assignment in good faith. Volunteering is rewarding, but it is work.
  6. Necessary health requirements.
  7. Have your photo taken for your name badge.

At the orientation, you will receive a Volunteer Manual detailing all information necessary to volunteer.

Please complete the application and return it to the Volunteer Office along with parental permission.

Along with the requirements outlined above, a background investigation is performed.

If you should have any questions prior to our interview, please call (920) 433-3697 or (920) 433-3632.

Thank you once again, and we are looking forward to meeting you soon.