Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers bring selfless dedication and endless enthusiasm for Bellin Health's mission. Below is a list of a few of the opportunities that are available. If you’re interested in volunteering or want more information on all the volunteer opportunities that are available, please call Bellin Volunteer Services at (920) 433-3697 or (920) 433-3632 or email volunteerservices@bellin.org.

Backstreet Espresso Coffee Shop

This position provides customer service for the coffee shop. Duties include: operating the cash register, brewing coffee, operating the Espresso machine and assisting with inventory as needed.

Concerned Hearts

Concerned Hearts is an organization comprised of individuals who either have had treatment for a heart condition or have had a family member treated for a heart condition. This group is responsible for staffing the reception desk located near the Intensive Care Unit. Concerned Hearts members also conduct fundraisers during the year to help support our Cardiac Care Center. When new patients arrive, members show them and their families videos describing the surgery, recovery and their future lifestyle. Concerned Hearts members also visit patients during their stay to answer questions and provide insights about the recovery process.

Members volunteer in several ways, such as:

  • Heart Hugger Pillow Makers: A group of volunteers cut, sew and stuff hundreds of pillows every year for cardiac patients. Patients hug this pillow as they cough as part of therapy following heart surgery.
  • Visitation Committee: A group of volunteers who visit pre- and post-operative cardiac surgery patients and are available to answer questions and provide information.
  • Intensive Care Volunteer Desk: The ICU volunteer desk is staffed by volunteers 12 hours a day. These volunteers give families an understanding and assurance that the long hours during the surgery will indeed benefit not only the patient but the entire family.

Gift Shoppe Salesperson

This position entails offering customer service and support to our gift shoppe. Duties include: maintaining an accurate record of purchases during your shift, operating a cash register, assisting with inventory as needed, waiting on customers and making an accurate count of money upon closing the shop.

Pharmacy Aide

The primary focus of this position is to assist pharmacy technicians with clerical, restocking and messenger duties.

Service Assistant

The volunteers in this position help to support our nursing staff on various medical units with patient care. Some of the general duties include stocking supplies, cleaning equipment, help pass meal trays and transport patients via wheelchair. General duties vary depending on the medical unit and their needs.

Surgery Waiting Room Receptionist

The volunteers in this area are responsible for the comfort of our patients and visitors while in the waiting room area. In addition they track the location of patients and visitors in the waiting area for the medical staff.

Hospital Support Volunteer

This position involves escorting patients and visitors within the hospital.