HMR – Meal Replacement


HMR is a state-of-the-art weight loss treatment program that provides intensive lifestyle education, personalized attention and follow-up, and an emphasis on long-term weight and health management. The program is appropriate for anyone wanting to lose between 10-200 pounds.


The program was developed by Health Management Resources (HMR), the nation’s leading provider of medically supervised weight management programs. For over 20 years, HMR programs have helped more than 900,000 dieters lose weight while learning healthier lifestyle skills for long-term weight maintenance.

A Program for Everyone

HMR’s research-based program achieves unparalleled results. HMR diet options are offered in flexible formats to meet every dieter’s needs.

Diet Options

All HMR diets use filling and easy-to-prepare meal replacements (shakes, soup, entrees, cereal, and bars) to maximize weight loss and provide optimal nutrition.

Decision-Free Diet® promotes rapid and significant weight loss under medical supervision using a very low‑calorie diet comprised of meal replacements. This option is ideal for those who need to lose 30 pounds or more, or for those whose health requires monitoring while they lose weight. The average weight loss is 55‑60 pounds. *

Healthy Solutions® Diet in an option using meal replacements and fruits and vegetables with or without medical supervision. The average weight loss is 35-40 pounds.

HMR at Home® Diet Kits include weight loss foods and a comprehensive support materials kit for at-home dieting. The diet is available with or without additional phone support. A recent study showed HMR at Home clients with phone support lost more than 28 pounds. *

* A study published in 2006 showed many patients lose more than 100 pounds with reductions in medical risk factors and medications. (HMR data published or presented at medical conferences.)

Meal replacements

  • Provide 100% of the Daily Value for vitamins and minerals.
  • Portion-controlled and low calorie.
  • Filling and easy to prepare.

Weekly Classes With Individual Coaching

Specific how-to’s of weight loss are taught, including easy ways to lower fat and calories as well as simple strategies to add physical activity and more fruits and vegetables in to the daily routine. Participants keep simple records and use their own data to create weekly goals that they share with their health educator. Through this close coaching relationship, participants learn to manage their weight within a structure of personal accountability and support.


After the weight loss phase, participants attend weekly groups for 18 months where they continue to practice simple strategies for successful long-term weight management and while receiving support.


The cost of the program varies according to the length of the weight loss phase and the level of medical supervision. Some participants are eligible for insurance coverage.


Learn more about our supportive HMR programs and screenings that have helped people lose between 10 and more than 200 pounds by attending a free orientation session. HMR also offers at home “a la carte” plans that give you the option to order weight management products online at


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