Birth Control and Sexual Health

Birth Control

You deserve to be able to make your own decisions about family planning—whether you want to have kids in two years or 10 years, whether you don’t want to have any kids or don’t want to have any more kids, whether you need help maintaining your reproductive health. Our providers will talk with you and listen to you, helping you make the decisions that are right for you and giving what you need to follow through on them.

Natural family planning (NFP). Also known as fertility awareness, NFP involves timing your sexual activity to avoid pregnancy. Your Bellin provider can help you map your cycle and teach you in the most effective way to use this method.

Oral contraception. Combination hormonal pills or “mini-pills” (progestin only) contain a small amount of hormones to prevent ovulation and pregnancy. They also can help ease period-related symptoms, such as cramps, heavy flow, and PMS.

Contraceptive patchUsed weekly, these patches are placed on the skin and work similarly to oral contraception.

Contraceptive ringWomen also can absorb hormones from the vagina, and the contraceptive ring works similarly to oral pills.

Depo-Provera. This hormonal injection is given every 12 weeks. It uses progestin injected into the muscle, and also can prevent pregnancy and decrease period related symptoms such as heavy periods and cramping.

LARC – Long Acting Reversible Contraception (includes Implant and IUDs)

Implant (Nexplanon).  This small implant is placed just under the skin of the upper inner arm, and slowly releases progestin over 3 years to prevent pregnancy.  It does also require a procedure to be removed.

IUDs (Intra Uterine Devices such as Mirena, Kyleena, and Paragard).  An IUD is inserted by a provider into the uterus and is a highly effective method that can be utilized for several years depending on the device selected.  The hormonal releasing IUDs can also help reduce menstrual flow, and the Paragard or copper IUD does not have hormones and can be used up to 10 years for preventing pregnancy.

Tubal ligation. This permanent procedure is done when a women no longer wants to become pregnant.  The tubes are either removed or ligated (cut) to keep eggs from traveling into an area where they might encounter sperm. (This is different from a hysterectomy, which removes the entire uterus.)

Sexual Health

We listen to your unique health needs, and help provide the education, exams and support to help you keep your sexual relationships physically and emotionally healthy throughout your life.

To protect your health, we recommend that you get tested for sexually transmitted infections any time you have had a new partner. Remember that most STIs are symptomless, and you could be carrying an infection without showing any signs.

To reduce your risk of sexual health problems, limit your number of sexual partners, always use male and/or female condoms, get tested with your partner before having sex, avoid having sex under the influence of drugs and alcohol and consider protecting yourself with HPV and hepatitis B vaccinations.  The HPV vaccination is now available up through the age of 45 to help lower your risk of cervical cancer.

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