Massage Therapy

Massages can invigorate and activate. While initially relaxing, massage promotes mental alertness and circulation to help you feel energized. Our Licensed Massage Therapist, Tamara Cloud, has over 23 years of experience in Prenatal Massage, Craniosacral and Myofascial Release, Oncology Massage, Hot Stone and Therapeutic Massage.

*Services are currently only being offered at the Development Drive location. 

Therapeutic Massage
Various modalities with applied at depth at therapist discretion to stimulate circulation, improve skin and muscle tone, relieve tension, and soothe tired muscles with focus on problem areas to address structural dysfunction. Therapist utilizes the intake form responses for a uniquely customized therapeutic massage experience. Specialty modalities include Reiki, Myofascial Release, Lomi-Lomi, N.M.T., Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic, Sinus, Quantum, and Aromatherapy applications available upon request.

Fertility Massage
Specialized techniques performed over the pelvic region with modest draping and aromatherapy. Resolves congestion and scar tissue to promote and encourage optimal fertility conditions for fertilization and implantation.
*Recommended during cycle days 7-14 or just before embryo transfer for those attempting IVF.

Maternity Massage
During pregnancy your body experiences unique stresses and strains. Our therapists are trained in maternity massage techniques to relax and relieve expectant mothers.

Hot Stone Massage
The heat and weight of the stones is deeply relaxing while increasing circulation. This unique therapy is best suited for those with sleeping difficulties, high stress levels, or chronic pain such as arthritis or sore muscles.

Oncology Massage
Lynphatic massage techniques with gentle pressure to stimulate the flow of lymph to reduce edema and promote immune response. For those in recovery from cancer, the service is meant to provide nurturing comfort and pain relief. A provider's prescription is required. This service is frequently covered by insurance with a provider's prescription.

Complement your massage with an essential oil to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.

  • Armor (Protective Blend)
  • Lighten (Stress Blend)
  • Peace (Tranquility Blend)
  • Vitalize (Invigorating Blend)
  • Peppermint PURE
  • Lavender

Massage Therapy is available at:

Bellin Health Generations - Development Drive
2641 Development Dr
Green Bay, WI, 54311
Phone: 920-338-6868

Online Scheduling now available