It’s an exciting time—preparing for the birth of the tiny person you’ve been carrying and can’t wait to meet. It can also be worrisome, particularly if you’re a first-time parent, and nerve-wracking, particularly if yours is a high-risk pregnancy. Bellin wants to make it wonderful and memorable by offering you information, personal support, expert care and a comfortable environment so you can focus on the impending arrival of the newest member of your family.


The Kress Birthing Center offers spacious, comfortable, family-focused rooms to meet the specific needs of moms who want the option of undergoing labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care in a soothing, home-like environment. And prenatal classes and events can help you get ready for parenthood well before you get to the birthing stage. We encourage you to get all your classes completed four weeks before your due date, including childbirth education, baby care and breastfeeding. That way, when the big day comes, you’ll be ready and can concentrate on that very special time with your new baby.

We also offer plenty of information for you to read along at home. Look through these documents, and if you still have questions, get in touch with one of our specialists.

The Course of Your Prenatal Care
Important information on what to expect during your pregnancy, Bellin Health's pregnancy services and pre-natal health tips.

Choosing a Provider for Your Baby
Commonly asked questions and guidelines to help you choose a provider.

Labor and Delivery
A birth planning worksheet for you and family.

After Delivery
Postpartum guidelines to help both you and your baby have a healthy and happy postpartum recovery.

Feeding Your Baby
Information on breast-feeding and bottle-feeding.


Bellin Health Generations was the first in the region to introduce 3D and 4D ultrasound capabilities. We’re nationally accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, and all ultrasounds—pelvic, infertility, obstetrical and more—are read by our physicians.

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For more information on women’s health, please visit:
American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology