Cost & Quality

Welcome to Bellin Health's cost and quality analysis for maternity. For generations Bellin has been one of the most trusted resources in the region for providing outstanding care to mothers, their babies, and the entire family.

We're proud of the way we've managed to hold the line on maternity hospital costs, and in many cases remain the low-cost provider of maternity services.

The purpose of this information is to give you an idea of what to expect in the way of charges when having a baby at Bellin's Green Bay maternity hospital. Because circumstances differ from birth to birth, charges may vary as well. Especially when events such as a C-Section increase the time you spend in the hospital, as well as the services you require.

About Physician Charges

As you compare, you should know that charges billed to you by your physician are independent of hospital charges. And because different physicians charge different amounts, we encourage you to consult with your doctor to get the complete picture.

Also, should you require a C-Section, you will most likely receive a bill from your anesthesiologist.

Two questions to ask regarding hospital charges.

  1. What is the average charge per day for a room?
  2. Does pricing include an epidural for pain control?

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