Belmark Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

A woman in mask and hospital gown holds the pacifier of a newborn baby in hospital bed with the words Start together. Stay together on top of the photo.

The most advanced NICU design in America

The Belmark Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Bellin Health is one of only a handful in the nation to incorporate a family-integrated, private room model, where mom and baby both start together and stay together in the full embrace of exceptional care.

Mother’s hand holds small newborn’s hand wearing hospital bracelet - click to play video

Early Bonding Means Better Outcomes

The research shows what nature knows—moms and babies belong together. While traditional NICUs employ a pod model that separates babies from the nurturing and comforting sounds, smells, contact, and movement of their mothers, the Bellin model embraces them together, wrapping them in expert care and compassion.

Better Outcomes:

  • Healthier neurological development
  • Increased rates of breast feeding
  • Decreased rates of postpartum depression
  • Earlier discharge (average 5-7 days sooner)
  • NICU Patient Room View 1
  • NICU Patient Room View 2
  • NICU Patient Room View 3
  • NICU Patient Room View 4
  • NICU Nurse Station looking in on patient room
  • NICU Central Nurses Station
  • NICU Handwashing Station
  • NICU Family Lounge
  • NICU Entrance corridor
  • NICU Hallway 2

A Patient's Story

"We are so thankful that Bellin opened the NICU, and that they are doing things so differently than most traditional NICUs. It worked really well for our family."

— Marian Gustafson