Marguerite Kress Birthing Center

Childbirth is an exciting time, and many parents want to spend it focusing on their new family—not on their hospital room. Every room at Marguerite Kress Birthing Center is built around the needs of new mothers who want a soothing, homelike environment for the birth of their baby.

Our state-of-the-art maternity unit was recently renovated in 2023 to include many new amenities and enhancements for Bellin families. Some of these new features include:

  • More overall space for Mom, baby and others
  • Tubs for patient comfort during labor
  • Stylish, sliding barn doors, adding privacy for significant others during overnight stays
  • New desk for maternal or significant other use
  • Updated guest lounge including tables and chairs for visitor meals and overall comfort
  • Upgraded, warm lighting and flooring showcasing a more modern look/feel
  • New, nature-themed artwork creating a relaxing atmosphere
  • Marguerite Kress Birthing Center
  • Birthing Center Family Lounge
  • Birthing Center Family Lounge Seating
  • Birthing Center Maternity Room
  • Birthing Center Maternity Room
  • Birthing Center Patient Room
  • Birthing Center Maternity Room Tub
  • Birthing Center Maternity Tub
  • Birthing Center Maternity Hall

More Information:

For specific questions or to learn more about our birthing center and its services, please contact us at 920-433-3617.