How to Choose a Women’s Doctor or Physician Near Green Bay

Bellin Health offers the expectant family many choices of specialty care to meet your prenatal needs through birth, and the ongoing pediatric care of your baby. We have a team of more than 120 women’s doctors and health professionals covering the complete spectrum of women’s care in the Green Bay area. Here are descriptions of the types of physician and caregiver specialties we make available. When you find a specialty that interests you, click to find a list of Bellin physicians/doctors near you who represent that specialty.

OB/GYN (Obstetricians and Gynecologists) Near Green Bay

An OB/GYN doctor is a doctor who has been specially trained in obstetrics, the care of a woman and her baby during pregnancy, and gynecology, the care of the female reproductive system. Because of OB/GYN training, they are often selected by women to provide their primary healthcare needs. In addition, OB/GYN’s are surgeons, specially trained in the surgical treatment of the female reproductive organs, providing care for both pregnant and non-pregnant patients. For the majority of obstetricians and gynecologists, the monitoring of pregnant women and the delivery of their newborns is their primary practice.

OB/GYN doctors also performs surgical procedures that include C-Sections and hysterectomies.

List of Bellin Health’s OB/GYN Doctors Near Me

Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctors (Perinatologists) Near Green Bay

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, expectant mothers find themselves categorized as having a high-risk pregnancy. This means that circumstances are present that could result in health problems, for mom or baby, prior to birth. This type of pregnancy often requires a physician specially trained in perinatology, also called Maternal Fetal Medicine.

The desire to involve a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist should not cause fear. It does not necessarily mean the pregnancy will be a difficult one or that the baby is in trouble. By adding a perinatologist to your care team when circumstances indicate, you are taking steps to avoid or minimize risks to you and your baby.

When you choose a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist, you will continue to see your primary obstetrician, who will be the doctor you see most often and will deliver your baby. The Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist will see you at different times during the pregnancy to help manage and monitor whatever special needs you may have.

List of Bellin Health’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists/Perinatologists Near Me

Family Medicine Physicians Who Deliver Babies

Family Medicine physicians are trained in a wide array of specialties, which allows them to provide a medical home for patients of all ages, including infants and children with a broad range of needs. Family doctors are especially suited to provide preventative care and to have life-long relationships with their patients. This focus on integrating many aspects of medicine into one practice makes Family Medicine specialists a frequent choice to be the primary care physician for both individuals and entire families. Because Bellin Health's family doctors in Green Bay and the surrounding area are trained in both childhood and adult medical care, they can be excellent choices for pediatric care, particularly for those who like the idea of continuing the patient/physician relationship after adolescence.

Pediatricians Near Green Bay

Pediatricians are physicians who are specially trained in the care of infants and children, from the time the child is born through adolescence. Because, from a medical perspective, children are not just small adults, pediatrics differs from adult medicine in many respects. Pediatricians are trained to help children through the many changes that come through the maturing process. They treat developmental issues, childhood diseases and serve as the child’s primary care physician until the child reaches maturity.

List of Bellin Health’s Pediatricians Near Me