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Whether you’re preparing for your first baby or your fifth, the arrival of your newborn will be a big adjustment. It’s never too early to start preparing with prenatal classes. In fact, we encourage you to have all your prenatal and labor classes completed four weeks before your due date. Childbirth classes, baby care classes and breastfeeding classes—for mom, partner and eventually baby—can take some of the stress out of the adjustment and make it that much sweeter to welcome the newest member of your family.

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Before Baby Arrives                              After the Baby Arrives
Childbirth Classes / Labor Classes                                   Breastfeeding Bridge Mom/Baby Group
Childbirth Education Plus
Refresher Childbirth Education
Family & Friends Infant CPR
Baby Care Class
Siblings Class
Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

Before Baby Arrives

Childbirth Classes / Education

Childbirth classes / labor classes focus on preparing you for your labor and birth experience, but are so much more than that!

Class topics include:

  • Understanding the labor and birth process
  • How to know you are in labor
  • Comfort measures for labor, including epidural information
  • Caring for yourself after the baby is born
  • Sneak peak at parenting
  • Introduction to car seat safety

Choose either a 4 week class or accelerated Saturday classes:

  • Childbirth Education Class (4 week class) - Cost: $35
  • Saturday Childbirth Education Class (Meets two Saturdays from 8:30 am – 12 noon) - Cost: $35

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Childbirth Education Plus
Cost: $55

This class includes all of the Childbirth Education topics plus baby care classes:

  • Caring for your newborn
  • Feeding
  • Bathing
  • Diapering
  • Taking a temperature
  • How to know if baby is sick
  • Keeping baby safe

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Refresher Childbirth Education (3 hour class)
Cost: $20

For the mom-to-be and her birth partner who have already experienced labor and delivery but want a review of labor and delivery information. Topics include:

  • Understanding labor and birth
  • What’s new in baby care
  • Helping big brothers and sisters welcome the new baby
  • Review/update of car seat safety

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Family & Friends Infant CPR (1 hour class)
Cost: $5

Under the guidance of a certified CPR instructor you will receive hands-on training in infant CPR and choking. This class is for parents, grandparents and care-givers and can be taken before or after the baby arrives. Please note that this is not a CPR certification course. This class is offered once per month on the 8th floor of Bellin Hospital in the Underwood Conference Room.

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Baby Care Class (3 hour class)
Cost: $20

Baby care class topics include basic baby care, including bathing a newborn, infant nutrition and car seat safety.

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Sibling Class (1 hour class)
Cost: FREE

For families with children already having a new baby may cause confusion or concern for siblings. This class for parents and children promotes positive feelings about the new baby. In a fun atmosphere, children can talk about and see a real baby and have their questions answered.

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Prenatal Breastfeeding Education (2.5 hour class)
Cost: $20

Parents who are considering breastfeeding their baby can prepare by taking breastfeeding classes. Topics include:

  • General breastfeeding information
  • What to expect the first weeks after your baby is born
  • How to breastfeed video
  • Breast pump information
  • Resources related to breastfeeding

Dads or close friends are encouraged to attend with mom-to-be.

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After the Baby Arrives

Breastfeeding Bridge Mom/Baby Group (1 hour class)
Cost: FREE

Join other moms and their babies “bridge the gap” on the breastfeeding journey. Join us to get a free baby weight check, to have your questions answered by a Lactation Consultant and share experiences and support with other breastfeeding moms. No registration is required and there is no fee to attend. The group meets at 2020 S. Webster, Green Bay on the first Thursday from 6-7pm and on the third Tuesday from 11:00am-12:00pm. Please note: Breastfeeding Bridge on Tuesdays is moving to a new time in 2017. Please join us every 3rd Tuesday from 11:30-12:30pm. All moms and babies are welcome to attend.

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