Tour the Birthing Center

Warm, comfortable family-centered delivery hospital with birthing suites

Welcome to the spacious, comfortable, beautiful, family-focused Kress Birthing Center at Bellin. Where every room is equipped to meet the specific needs of moms who want the option of undergoing labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum in a soothing, home-like environment.

Convenient for family and visitors, our delivery hospital provides private delivery suites with comfortable surroundings, full of amenities, all within a secured area for maximum protection and peace of mind.

The Kress Birthing Center in Green Bay has beautiful, spacious, private birthing suites designed to feel like home, and include amenities such as a pullout sleep chair, complete bathroom with shower, refrigerator, stereo, TV, and VCR/DVD player. Each delivery suite is also equipped with wireless Internet access.

With few exceptions, the delivery suites allow most moms to remain in the same suite throughout labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum, thus eliminating the disturbance of moving from room to room.

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