Keep On Showing Us All How to Keep On!

Grab your phone and video yourself, family members, or pets doing whatever it is you're keeping on with - the kind of video you might typically see on social media.

Here are some tips for creating your video:

  • Use any recording device you have - your phone, computer or tablet. Clean the lens and use the highest quality setting your device offers.
  • Don't worry about the volume of your video: we won't be using and of the original audio.
  • Record different versions of the same activity. Video your activity one way, then try it at another angle.
  • Keep the video short, 5-10 seconds.
  • Variety is welcome. Can't decide if you want to keep on puzzling or keep on FaceTiming with grandma? Record both and send them to us!
  • Be creative. Let the kids take over, show us your pets, let us see your makeshift curling competition.
  • Be silly or be serious. There are so many ways to keep on and every message is welcome.

How to Upload Your Video:

Use your computer's web browser and upload your video to Hightail a Please end us your video as you complete it. If you have any questions, email

Check Out Our Idea Starters:

Ideas for Keep On _____ videos:

  • Rockin': Group of friends all dancing together via video
  • Fishing: Family playing Go Fish or kids fishing in the bathtub
  • Wishing: Person blowing out a birthday candle, through a FaceTime call
  • Cooking: Person cooking with a family member offering advice through FaceTime
  • Discovering: Child learning online or a backyard scavenger hunt
  • Being Strong: Poignant or literal - meditating or exercises via online instruction
  • Dancing: As couples or solo "ballroom" dancing in a mirror
  • Believing: Heads bowed in prayer

Or Show How You're Staying Connected While Keeping our Distance

  • Grandparents reading a story to a child via FaceTime
  • Zoom/Skype meeting between co-workers
  • Virtual cocktail hour
  • Playing board games with friends over FaceTime
  • Adults visiting parents through a window of elder care facility

Or Share What's Become More Meaningful

  • Love in all its forms: couples, families, kids, pets
  • Family togetherness: game nights, mealtimes, sofa snuggles
  • Self-care routines at home: yoga, manis & pedis, homemade lattes
  • Backyard activities: patio picnics, grilling, ballgames