Staff Spotlight: Tyler Kozlowski

While playing baseball during my freshman year at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, I threw a ball that did not feel right in my shoulder.  After attempting to rehab the injury, it was determined that I needed surgery.  In April 2013, Dr. McKenzie performed a labrum repair surgery.  For the next eight months, I rehabbed 5-6 times a week to attempt to come back to throwing and play baseball again.  This time was extremely hard having to go through the struggle of rehab while watching my teammates and friends compete on the field. 

On top of not being able to compete, my daily life was affected.  I was in a sling for the first two months, and making it through classes without being able to write with my dominate hand was difficult.  At the end of the eight-month rehab process, I was able to throw again, and for the next 4 years, I was able to play without missing any games due to injury.  It was during my time when I was injured that I decided I wanted to help people prevent injuries and help them perform better.  The physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength coaches made the process easier and pushed me down the path to becoming a strength coach.  I try to give the same amount of support to everyone I work with that was given to me. 

Through this experience, I was able to learn about the injury process, setbacks, successes, and how working with a team of people around you can bring you back from injury.