Success Story: Lauryn Delzer

Name:  Lauryn Delzer

Age: 22

Reason for Visiting Bellin Health Titletown: Tore my ACL three times and had a cyclops lesion.

Goals: I wanted to be able to play the sport that I love again and to be able to participate in other activities I love that I didn’t think I would be able to do again.

What motivated you to begin your journey with us?

I heard that Bellin Health Titletown had amazing resources and staff to help me with my goals that I wanted to achieve.

What obstacles did you have to overcome?

I had a knee surgery every year of my collegiate soccer career. Two ACL tears on my left knee and one ACL tear on my right knee, and then I also had a cyclops lesion on my right knee. The obstacles that I had to overcome were mental for me. Bellin was very encouraging through the whole process and reminded me to stay positive.

What part did Bellin Movement Performance Lab play in helping you?

I was able to see and correct certain movements and habits. It helped me understand where I could make improvements. 

How has your life changed?

I can participate in activities that I never thought I would be able to do or have the confidence to do again.

What advice would you give to help others?

Never give up and trust the process. Rehab can mentally drain a person, but you have to stay positive and know that the end result of your dedication and determination is well worth it.