Proper Hang Clean Tips

Anyone out there having trouble getting past a certain weight on their hang clean? Hang Cleans are a movement that help athletes become more explosive. It is a total body movement but it is also a movement where majority of your power comes from the waist down. One of our strength coaches has a few tips for you and your athlete on how to really work on the small details in order to put up some big weight.

Few Tips that Coach Eleni Seitz has for athletes to keep in mind when working on this movement:

  • Sometimes too light of weight isn't enough to get the full movement down
  • Make sure to keep your back tight, slight bend in your legs and keep your shoulders above the bar where your chest is facing the ground when performing the RDL portion of the movement
  • Think of your hips on a hinge, push your butt back to where you feel a slight pull in the back of your leg
  • Be quick on the upward movement while keeping the bar in nice and close to your body
  • When catching the bar push your butt back like you are in a quarter squat