Civilitas Psychological Safety

Psychological safety directly impacts the wellbeing, productivity, and overall success of employees and their workplaces. It refers to an environment where individuals feel safe to express their thoughts, opinions, and concerns without fear of negative consequences. When employees feel psychologically safe, they are more likely to take risks, share innovative ideas, collaborate effectively, and provide valuable feedback.

To foster psychological safety within its’ walls, Bellin Health created Civiltas to encourage open communication, actively listen to employees and promote a non-judgmental atmosphere. Launched in 2020, employee engagement, creativity, and overall organizational success has been positively impacted. As a community steward, with a vision of leading with love, Bellin Health is sharing the Civilitas program with employers across the country.

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Looking for ways to engage your teams in Civilitas and other wellbeing initiatives? Reach out to Linda Golik, Wellbeing Consultant at or (920) 436-8668 for a personalized presentation.